Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Anna i Piotr Gil


There are lots of really interesting sights near the farm:

  • The narrow gauge railway on the Żnin-Wenecja-Biskupin-Gąsawa route. (The nearest railway station is just 100 metres (330 feet) from the farm.)
  • The Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Wenecja (just 4 kilometres from the farm)
  • Lots of lakes and forests. (our farm is 500 metres from the nearest lake)
  • The ruins of Wenecja Castle (from May to September you can see performances by knight guilds)
  • The Archeological Museum in Biskupin (7 kilometres from the farm) – one of the greatest in Europe! Additionally, in September you can enjoy lots of festivals in the area.
  • The Dinosaur Theme Park in Rogowo (16 kilometres from the farm)
  • You can also take a tour around some beautiful old towns nearby:
    • Gniezno
    • Strzelno
    • Lubostroń
    • Kruszwica